Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Countalytics?

Countalytics is a tech company that allows companies to count inventory using our proprietary, easy to use mobile application.

How Does It Work?

First the Countalytics team takes pictures of the inventory you want counted to train the visual recognition software.  Next, you download the Countalytics mobile application onto your devises using Android or iOS stores. During normal operations your employees then opens the mobile app and take a picture of the inventory you want counted.  Based on parameters set by you, a report is returned to you with the details of the images including but not limited to type, SKU #, inventory count, etc. Countalytics has the capabilities of processing 100’s of thousands of images a day.

How to Get Started?

That’s simple, request a demo, give us a call or send us an email to start the process.

How Does Pricing Work?

Pricing is very simple and affordable; we charge based on the number of images needed during a period. Because every client has different needs, we develop a customized solution that fits our clients’ needs and budget.

Do You Only Service Airlines?

Our platform is built to help all companies with their inventory counting needs.

Does Your Platform Work On Any Mobile Devices?

Our platform works on iOS and Android devices.  Microsoft and other devise can be added by request.

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