How It Works

Explore all our ready-to-use image recognition models to suit your specific needs.

Build Your Own Custom Experiences

The Countalytics API offers image and video recognition as a service. Whether you have one image or billions, you are only steps away from using artificial intelligence to recognize your visual content.

The API is built around a simple idea. You send inputs (an image or video) to the platform and your detailed data is returned.

How it Works

Simple and easy for your front-line team to organize, track, and manage inventory.

1. Image Categorization

Countalytics team photographs and catalogs your inventory for future recognition.

2. Snap A Photo

Take a picture of your inventory you would like to track.(With our mobile app if software is not integrated in your internal software)

3. Analyze

Within hours the images are analyzed and a fully detailed, customizable report is returned to the customer.  

4. Reporting Options

Countalytics can also provide ongoing reporting analysis to assist with forecasting and trending.

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Getting started with Countalytics is simple. Our user friendly mobile app and online dashboard make it easy to integrate Computer Vision into your existing product or technology. If you have a use case in mind and are not sure where to start, schedule a demo to explore how the product works with your business!

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